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Timberwise had a huge success in Habitare exhibition

Timberwise launched new design floors, decoration walls and furniture collection in Habitare. Fair visitors were eager to welcome these design novelties. Finnish Interiors Journalists awarded Harri Koskinen’s design floor “Kolmio” as one of the most interesting Finnish interior design products of the year 2017. 

Timberwise twise 10152_final_nettiHabitare-exhibition was floor celebration to Timberwise. First day at Habitare Timberwise launched design novelties to journalists. Products are designed by famous Finnish designers Harri Koskinen and Ville Kokkonen. The novelties include design floor concept from Harri Koskinen and design wall concept from Ville Kokkonen. Novelties attracted and interested both journalists and fair visitors.


Dark blue living room in Timberwise’s fair stand was one of most photographed stand in Habitare and got a lot of attention at social media. The floor in living room was produced for the honor of Finland 100 years. The idea came from our owner/CEO Mr. Markku Mäkitalo. Birch floor is hundred percent Finnish product: Birch bottom layer, birch middle layer, birch top layer, glued with Kiilto glues and treated with Tikkurila surface treatment products.


Tammi Design Parquet K2 by Harri Koskinen_KOLMIO_netti

The Association of Interiors Journalists has selected the 12 best Finnish interior design products of the year 2017. They represent the editors’ choices as part of Habitare Fair in Messukeskus. Timberwise’s novelty product K2 Design Parquet by Harri Koskinen was awarded as one of the best products.

Design novelties are here

Timberwise twise 10089_netti

Timberwise launched its Design novelties last week in Habitare Exhibition in Helsinki. Design novelties are the result from our co-operation with Finnish top designers Harri Koskinen and Ville Kokkonen. Design novelties includes design floor, wall and furniture concepts. 

Habitare exhibition visitors were the first ones to explore Timberwise design novelties which are designed by famous Finnish designers Harri Koskinen and Ville Kokkonen. The novelties include design floor concept from Harri Koskinen and design wall concept from Ville Kokkonen. Both gentlemen also designed furniture to be made from our parquet into our new Twise Collection. Twise Collection also includes Timberwise in-house designed products, for example Twise dining table. All the novelties are produced from 1-strip parquet. Our unique marine birch plywood structure enables this.

All the launched products are excellent examples of our unique birch plywood structure’s advantages, and showing that our products can be turned into many other things than just floor! These new concepts allow us to maximize the use of our raw material and possible leftovers from the installations. The product development is continuous and the product range will grow in the near future. Currently the product range includes design bench and chairs, dining table, sofa table, etc.

The design novelties are introduced in our Timberwise Design Projects web page (in Finnish currently) and you may make inquiries on the products by contacting us through


Happy Midsummer 2017

Team Timberwise wishes you all happy and relaxing Midsummer 2017! We will be relaxing and charging our batteries by celebrating the Midsummer Festival during 23. – 25.6.2017. We will be back on work again on 26.6.2017.

We would like to remind you also about the approaching maintenance break which is during 3. – 16.7.2017. During that time there will not be any production. We will start our engines again on Monday 17.7.2017. Please remember to consider this when planning your schedules and orders.

Please find below some Finnish Midsummer myths. Please note that Timberwise will not take any responsibility on this if you choose to try some :-)

1. Roll in dew
If you roll around naked in a wheat field, your future husband will appear in your life within a year. Dew was believed to have a healing effect and rolling in it was supposed to make you beautiful and healthy. Earlier, dew was even collected in cloths and pressed into bottles for the year to come.

2. Put a spell on a field
Find a four-leafed clover from the yard in the evening. Hide the clover under your shirt, next to your bosom. When the clock strikes midnight, let your hair loose and run to the field. Go around the field three times. When the person of your fancy will eat bread made out of the wheat from that specific field, he will fall in love with you.

3. Collect eight flowers
Collect eight different types of flowers from as many meadows. When going to bed, put the bouquet underneath your pillow. You will see “the one” in your dream. Flowers and plants have an important role in Midsummer celebrations. Previously, it was common to scatter tree leaves on the floors and build tree houses in the yards. Even cows were decorated with garlands, so as to secure a good year for the cattle and milk production.

4. Foresee from threads
On the day of Midsummer, go to a field of barley. Tie different coloured threads to sprouts of the exact same length. Each colour of the thread has its own meaning. For instance, black colour signifies sorrow, red – love. You can also decide the meaning of the colours yourself. The next morning, go back to see which one of the sprouts has grown the longest during the night. The colour of that thread will tell your destiny for the coming year.

5. Tie a bath whisk
Bath whisks are always made for the Midsummer sauna. They are usually made out of birch as its fresh leaves are soft and have a lovely fragrance. For your magic spell, the Midsummer bath whisk should be made out of eight different tree and flower types. After the sauna, throw the whisk on the roof of the sauna. Climb up after it and see where to the stem of the whisk points. That is the direction from which your future fiancé will come.

6. Listen to the first sound
In the wee hours of the night, climb up somewhere high – on a hill, on top of a fell or a big rock. To a place where it is easy to hear surrounding sounds. Your future husband will come from the same direction as the first sound of the morning. If you hear music, it means an approaching wedding. If you hear a child crying, it is a sign of birth.


Face behind Timberwise – Brand Director Laura Lankinen

Face behind Timberwise – Brand Director Laura Lankinen was presented in one of the main Finnish interior magazine Deko “Good fellow” column in the June issue. This was a great honor for Laura, both in personal and professional way and we are very proud of her. Laura is the member of our family company’s family and has been working in Timberwise since the beginning.

You can check the article written by interior journalist Anna-Kaisa Huusko and photographed by Tommi Tuomi from the pages 24-27. The whole magazine is now in the shops or you can check the payable digital version from here.

Enjoy your reading moment!

New Showroom and renewed office premises

Since the product range of Timberwise has been growing continuously, last spring we had to face the fact that our showroom was utterly becoming too small. We also needed more office premises due to the increase of our personnel. Our owner and CEO Mr. Markku Mäkitalo made fast plans and decisions and already on summer 2016 the construction and renovation works started in Timberwise. At the same time we decided to update the office interior.

The constructional changes of renovation were designed by Architect Hannu Vaisto and Markku Mäkitalo. Together they planned the reorganization of the office premises and the extension upwards, when our office grew into 2 floors. To the second floor we got a spacious showroom of over 200 m2 where we can keep also trainings for bigger groups in addition to large product exhibition.

We wanted the interior renovation to reflect Timberwise’s values; quality, durability and elegance. Because of this it was natural choice for us to hire interior designer Helena Karihtala (Interior Desing Helena Karihtala) to design the renovation. Helena took into consideration the above mentioned points and our wish to use as much Timberwise products as possible. In addition we asked her to favor domestic producers when choosing furniture and lights. The end result was guaranteed Helena design –stylish, pure quality, harmonic and the colors match seamlessly! In every way beautiful and Timberwise looking.

We executed most of the renovation based to Helena’s design plan during the summer and autumn, and the rest will be executed according to the need. The first official use of new showroom was in our Christmas party for employers. And the first official house warming party was this spring with the best company when the interior media and bloggers came to visit Timberwise. We will be inviting more and more our customers and co-operators to visit our new premises. We will be giving both product training and installation training as well as offer our showroom for designers’ to visit with their customers.

In the interior we used widely Timberwise products in floors, walls and even in furniture. Cozy and clear style sofa group is from Hakola, gorgeous lights from Innolux, stylish sanitary furniture from Ido and faucets from Oras. Showroom and negotiation space chairs are from our co-operator Restatop which is a top public space furnisher. All the big windows upstairs and office windows were from local producer Domus Oy.

Timberwise thanks everyone involved in our renovation. Thank you also for photographer Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki from our PR-Office Dream Cozy for the beautiful picture below.

Welcome to visit renewed Timberwise!


Happy Easter from Timberwise

Timberwise wishes Happy Easter to all the partners and customers! We hope that it will as sunny and bright as our Oak Sunshine Yellow.

We will be closed for Easter Holiday during 14. – 17.4.2017 and will be back in office again on 18th April at 8AM.


New pictures are here!

Now they are finally here, the amazing and beautiful new pictures of Timberwise. These pictures were created by dream team Joanna Laajisto (art directing), Susanna Vento (styling) and Mikko Ryhänen (photography).

In the beginning of this year, Timberwise had 2 weeks of photo shooting in Helsinki. We photo shooted over 30 products, took over 100 pictures and here you have the result, beautiful pictures of beautiful floors created by such a professional dream team.

Naturally the project started already well before during last year, when Joanna and Susanna went through the products to be photographed with Timberwise, decided the styles and overall needs for each product. After that there was producing the material, searching for the locations and props, building the sets and taking the pictures.

This was a huge project for Timberwise since in numbers it looks like this:

Enormous amount of designing and planning hours, prepping and working beforehand,  10 photo shooting days, 3 different locations, 90 hours of building, installing and photoshooting, 31 floors, 500 m2 of parquet and monumental amount of props. 

We thank from our heart following companies for co-operation:  Ikea, Svanefors, Familon, Polish Design, Ellos, Roots Living, Adea, Westerberg, Finnish Design Shop, Menu, Flos, Stockmann, Lokal, Plootu, Tikkurila, IMG Interiors.

For the photo shooting locations we thank Nougat Showroom, Studio Liisa Valonen and Susanna Vento.

We thank everyone who made this possible for us!

Pine parquet removed from product range

TIMBERWISE REMOVES PINE PARQUET FROM ITS PRODUCT RANGE. Due to the long time continued lack of demand for Pine parquet Timberwise has decided to remove Pine products from its product range. The removal will be immediate.

We have removed the Pine products and information from our webpages and it will not be in our new brochure and price list which will be out during this spring. Naturally the old brochures and price lists still have it, but we have informed our retailers to take the samples out and to inform their customers about the product removal.

For the soft wood customers we recommend Larch products. Timberwise will launch new treatments for larch during year 2017. Larch is also more durable and harder than pine. Larch parquets will have wider color range from where to choose. More information about Larch product you can find from our web pages.

Happy New Year 2017!

Team Timberwise wishes everyone Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017! 

We will return to work on 2nd January 2017 again. Lets make the new year great together!



Timberwise wishes Merry Christmas

Timberwise will be celebrating Christmas and Holiday Season starting from the 22nd December 2016 at 2 PM. We will return to work on 2nd January 2017 at 8 AM.

Team Timberwise wants to thank all of our co-operators and customers for the past year. We wish you all Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2017!


Timberwise summer time schedule

Summer_2016_maintenance break_Timberwise_nettiin

Timberwise office will be serving its customers throughout the whole summer, but our production will have a two week maintenance break at the end of July. During these weeks we will be delivering goods limitedly from the factory.

Maintenance break will be during 18. – 31.7.2016 (weeks 29 – 30)

We ask you to consider this when planning your schedules and orders. Our delivery time currently is approx. 2-3 weeks from the order (standard products). During and just before the maintenance break it is good to check the delivery time separately from the factory.

You can reach us during the whole summer from +358 2 7636420 or


Timberwise wooden floors in Vitra & Artek Showroom

Timberwise is the floor supplier of wooden floors to Vitra & Artek showroom in Tokyo, Japan. This is such an honor for us and we appreciate it very much.

The showroom is working as Vitra & Artek office as well and the customers and designers visit them daily. We are extremely proud of them seeing the Finnish Timberwise quality wooden floor in the showroom office! This is very valuable public space reference for us.

The Vitra & Artek Showroom project in Japan was taken care by our Japanese importer AD World which is specialized in wooden floors and interior materials. The showroom office floor is Timberwise oak parquet Vintage RUKA, sanded wax oiled.

Bright colors from Timberwise

The oak parquet PINK we launched last year was just a beginning! We have now launched more bright colors from Timberwise to our oak parquets. We have both lovely bright colors as well as beautiful shades. With these only the imagination is the limit.

These delicious bright colors give one the opportunity to cheer up for example children rooms, living rooms or studies at home. Or in the public spaces like restaurants, stores, offices, hotels one can brighten up or separate spaces from each other with these colors. And no one is limiting the use of these only to floors! Our oak parquets can be installed to the wall as well, or even to the ceiling. We can also tailor colors to projects, so almost everything is possible. Even though the color is covering the brushing of the surface brings the wood grain visible keeping the outlook of a wooden floor.

May we present the Spring 2016 novelty bright colors (click the picture bigger):

All the novelty colors are brushed and matte lacquered. Above are only some of our novelty colors, since we have been busy. So there are more colors to come and do remember also the possibility of tailoring colors for projects. The novelty products will be presented by our retailers during the spring – summer 2016, until then you may order the sample pieces directly from the e-mail:

Follow us in our social media and see what next that we come up is 😉

Happy Easter from Timberwise

Team Timberwise wishes happy and relaxing Easter time to everyone!

Timberwise will be on Easter holiday during 25. – 28.3.2016. Back in office again on Tuesday 29.3.2016.














Timbewise 2016 Novelty Oak SUNSHINE YELLOW, brushed matte lacquered in the picture.

Merry Christmas from Timberwise

Team Timberwise wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 to all of our customers, partners and co-operators!

We thank you for the past year and wish you prosperous coming year.

We will be on Christmas holiday during 24.12.2015 – 6.1.2016, and will be back on duty again on 7.1.2016. Our office has a phone service during 28. – 31.12.2015 and you can reach us from +358 2 7636420.

Christmas wishes_2015_email

Happy Father’s day

Timberwise wishes on 8th November 2015 Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers around the world!

“Some Super heroes don’t have capes… They are called DAD!”

Wishes Team Timberwise

Timberwise wooden floors in Wallpaper magazine

Timberwise has been honored by having its flooring shown in world widely appreciated WALLPAPER magazine! This is such an honor for us and we are very proud of it.

The Wallpaper Magazine’s journalist Sujata Burman visited the Signals exhibition by trend analyst Susanna Björklund in September in Helsinki and made an article about her visit to the magazine. Timberwise produced, provided and installed all the floors to the Signal exhibition, and are nicely shown in the pics. We thank Susanna about our co-operation and will definitively continue the good work with her.

From the below you can read the article from Wallpaper Magazine and Susanna’s greetings for us who were part of the exhibition.

Read the article from here: 

Habitare Thanks-1

Habitare Thanks-2

Habitare Thanks-3


Oak Handwashed HUSKY, brushed matte lacquered floor in In Between space

Habitare Thanks-4


Oak Classic NORDIC, brushed hard wax oiled floor in Simplify space


Habitare Thanks-5


Oak Handwashed CARBON WHITE, brushed matte lacquered floor in Positive Psychology space

Habitare Thanks-6


Oak WENGE, brushed matte lacquered floor in Deep space

Habitare Thanks-7


Our beautiful Design parquet Oak Herringbone LIGHT YLLÄS, sanded matte lacquered in the Lounge area

Habitare Thanks-8

Timberwise finalist in Good Design 2015

Timberwise has been honored with finalist title in the prospected Good Design 2015 competition in Poland. Our novelty 2015 product Oak parquet Handwashed HUSKY, brushed matte lacquered has been chosen as a finalist in the category “New Production Materials”.

The Good Design Competition is a nationwide design competition held annually by the Institute of Industrial Design (Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego, IWP). The Competition awards well-designed products of different purpose: from broadly defined household equipment, working environment and public space, means of transport to services, new materials, graphic design and packaging. After the pre-selection process, the products undergo a two-stage design evaluation: by the IWP expert team and afterwards by the international and multidisciplinary jury. Products nominated for the Final Stage are presented on the Good Design Exhibition held at the IWP premises during 22. – 29.10.2015.

Timberwise may thank its active partner Lares Sp. J. E i M. Szyszkowscy in Poland who signed up our product into this competition.

More information about the competition you may find from here:

Let us mention some of the “modest” finalists/winners from the previous years: Mazda, Samsung, Giant Electrolux, BoConcept Siemens, Hansgrohe and BMW.

Let us all wish our product Oak parquet Handwashed HUSKY a good luck and success in the Good Design 2015 Competition! The winners are announced in the Final Gala after the Good Design Exhibition.


Timberwise taking part to ID Helsinki professional event

Timberwise is having its own booth in the new event for interior architecture professionals in Finland, ID Helsinki, which will be held on 8. – 9.9.2015 in Event Center Telakka in Helsinki, Finland.

ID Helsinki 2015 is a new 2-day event being held in Helsinki that brings together interior architecture and design professionals. The event consists of exhibition stands, topical discussions and keynote speeches, as well an Afternoon Party. ID Helsinki answers the demand for a short-duration, intensive commercial event for professionals in the interior architecture and design field in Finland. During the design week in Helsinki, ID is the only fair event that is built up only for the professional visitors.

The venue for the first ID Helsinki is the Event Center Telakka in Hernesaari, Helsinki. You may check the companies taking part to event from here:

Timberwise is presenting its traditional products as well as its new Design Parquets in ID Helsinki at booth ID_081. We will also present our products’ advantages for the public space use and why our floor is a long lasting and worth the money investment.

The event organizer will support all participants with further promotional materials. Visitor registration on admission is free of charge, and where consent has been given, the exhibitors will receive a register of visitors.You may register directly from here .

Timberwise welcomes all the project people, architects and designer as well as students to visit our booth ID_081 and to get more information on Finnish quality wooden floors!

Team Timberwise wishes Happy Midsummer Festival to everyone!

Team Timberwise will be celebrating the Midsummer Festival during 19.-21.6.2015 and wants to wish you all a Happy Midsummer Festival. We will be back in office on 22.6.2015. From below you may read some facts and myths about the Finnish Midsummer.


Before 1316 the summer solstice was called Ukon juhla (“Ukko’s celebration”) after the Finnish god Ukko. In Karelian tradition, many bonfires were burned side by side, the biggest of which was called Ukko-kokko (the “Old Man Bonfire”; the prefix ukko- is used in Finnish to denote notable or particularly large objects or entities). After the celebrations were Christianized, the holiday became known as juhannus after John the Baptist (Finnish: Johannes Kastaja).

Since 1955, the holiday has always been on a Saturday (between June 20 and June 26). Earlier it was always on June 24. Many of the celebrations of midsummer take place on Midsummer Eve, when many workplaces are closed and shops must close their doors at noon.

In the Finnish midsummer celebration, bonfires (Finnish kokko) are very common and are burned at lakesides and by the sea. Often branches from birch trees (koivu) are placed on both side of the front door to welcome visitors. Swedish-speaking Finns often celebrate by erecting a midsummer or maypole (Swedish midsommarstång, majstång). Some Finland Swedes call the holiday Johannes after the Finnish term juhannus – or more accurately after the Biblical John the Baptist (=”Johannes Döparen” in Swedish).

In folk magic, midsummer was a very potent night and the time for many small rituals, mostly for young maidens seeking suitors and fertility. Will-o’-the-wisps were believed to appear at midsummer night, particularly to finders of the mythical “fern in bloom” and possessors of the “fern seed”, marking a treasure. In the old days, maidens would use special charms and bend over a well, naked, in order to see their future husband’s reflection. In another tradition that continues still today, an unmarried woman collects seven different flowers and places them under her pillow to dream of her future husband.

An important feature of the midsummer in Finland is the white night and the midnight sun. Because of Finland’s location spanning around the Arctic Circle the nights near the Midsummer Day are short or non-existent. This gives a great contrast to the darkness of the winter time. The temperature can vary between 0 °C and +30 °C, with an average of about +20 °C in the South.

Many Finns leave the cities for Midsummer and spend time in the countryside. Nowadays many spend a few days there, and some Finns take their whole vacation in a cottage. Rituals include bonfires, cookouts, a sauna and spending time together. Heavy drinking is also associated with the Finnish midsummer.

Many music festivals of all sizes are organized on the Midsummer weekend. It is also common to start summer holidays on Midsummer Day. For many families the Midsummer is the time when they move to the countryside to their summer cottage by the sea or lake. Midsummer is also a Finnish Flag Day where the flag is hoisted at 6 pm on Midsummer’s Eve and flown all night till 9 pm the following evening. Finnish Canadians in the New Finland district, Saskatchewan, Canada celebrate Juhannus.


Timberwise’s 2015 summer time schedule

Dear Timberwise partner and customer, we would like to inform you that Timberwise will have 2 week maintenance break during 29.6. – 12.7.2015 (weeks 27-28). During this time we can supply only limitedly from the stock. We hope that you will consider this when planning your schedules and orders. Our office will be serving you through out the whole summer.

Team Timberwise wishes great summer time to its partners!

Summer_2015_Timberwise maintenance break

Timberwisen Pääsiäistoivotus

Team Timberwise toivottaa kaikille Hyvää Pääsiäistä. Toimistomme on kiinni Pääsiäispyhien ajan,
ja palaamme työn ääreen taas tiistaina 7.5.2015 klo 8: 00. 


Bronda with Timberwise parquet in top 10

The Guardian magazine has listed the 10 coolest restaurants in the world, and the Restaurant Bronda in Helsinki, with gorgeous Timberwise Oak Herringbone flooring is on the top of the list!

Timberwise congratulates the Restaurant Bronda and its owners Mr. Tomi Björck and Mr. Matti Wikberg, as well as the genius behind the interior, designer of the restaurant Mr. Risto Wikberg from Futudesign.

Timberwise is very proud to be part of this outstandingly cool restaurant!

You can read the the Guardian magazine from here.

Also the Helsingin Sanomat (Finland’s main newspaper) has noted and published this. You can check the Helsingin Sanomat article from here.


Timberwise wishes Happy New Year!

Team Timberwise wishes Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015 for everyone!

May your New year be A new year that brings luck and prosperity A New Year that brings happiness and joy Happy New Year!

We will start our machines again on 7th January 2015. 

Happy New Year_2015

Timberwise’s Christmas time

Timberwise wants to wish very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of its partners,customers and everyone else!

The tempting gifts are tantalizing; 
About opening them, we are fantasizing.
The holiday foods are appetizing;
Our excitement and joy are growing and rising;
Our hearts and minds are harmonizing;
Jolly Christmas fun we’re maximizing!

Timberwise will be on Christmas holiday during 24.12.2014 – 6.1.2015. We will start our engines normally on 7.1.2015. During the “middle days” our office has a phone service, and you can reach us on +358 2 763 6420.


Паркет Timberwise, отмеченный знаком Allergy Label, способствует улучшению качества воздуха в доме

Финская компания Timberwise Oy — первый производитель высококачественного паркета, продукция которого отмечена знаком Allergy Label Финской федерации по изучению аллергических заболеваний и бронхиальной астмы. Знак Allergy Label подтверждает, что паркет Timberwise изготовлен без применения лакокрасочных материалов, воска и клея, которые выделяют токсичные вещества, ухудшающие качество воздуха в доме. Благодаря технологии соединения паза и гребня при укладке паркета не требуется использование клея. Паркет Timberwise — это безопасное решение для семей с детьми или аллергиков, который позволяет переехать в дом сразу после укладки нового пола.

Знак Allergy Label обозначает воздействие продукции на здоровье

Timberwise Oy — это семейное предприятие, расположенное в г. Лоймаа, которое было основано в 2000 году и специализируется на производстве однополосного паркета, т.е. паркетной доски. Паркетная доска Timberwise премиум-класса — это первое напольное покрытие, которое получило разрешение использовать знак Allergy Label, выдаваемый Финской федерацией по изучению аллергических заболеваний и бронхиальной астмы. Целью присвоения знака Allergy Label является улучшение качества жизни аллергиков и астматиков, а также воздействие на производителей с тем, чтобы при разработке продукции учитывались требования людей, страдающих от аллергии, астмы, с чувствительной кожей и повышенной восприимчивостью к запахам. Наличие на товаре знака Allergy Label, подчеркивающего воздействие продукции на здоровье, в значительной мере влияет на выбор потребителей, так как каждый второй житель Финляндии в какой-то момент своей жизни страдает симптомами аллергии.

«В процессе присвоения знака Allergy Label наши эксперты изучили паркетную доску Timberwise, особенно с точки зрения эмиссии готовой продукции, т.е. летучих органических соединений, запаха, методов окрашивания и используемых клеящих веществ. По уровню эмиссии паркет Timberwise соответствует всем требованиям к неаллергенной продукции и значительно превосходит их, поэтому он может использоваться в сложных условиях с большими перепадами температуры и влажности», — говорит Ники Аланко (Niki Alanko), директор службы коммуникаций Федерации по изучению аллергических заболеваний и бронхиальной астмы.

Присвоение или аннулирование знака Allergy Label всегда подтверждается медицинским и исследовательским заключением. Критерии выдачи знака определены для каждой группы продукции совместно с приглашенными экспертами и независимыми научно-исследовательскими организациями. Критерии для строительных материалов, к которым относится напольное покрытие, можно найти на сайте Федерации по изучению аллергических заболеваний и бронхиальной астмы (на финском языке):

Паркет Timberwise повышает уровень комфорта, улучшая воздух в вашем доме

«Поскольку пол образует одну из самых больших поверхностей в доме, безопасность продукции является одним из важнейших критериев качества компании Timberwise. Чтобы воздух был чистым, при создании прочной трехслойной структуры доски мы используем клей, не содержащий токсичных формальдегидов», — говорит Лаура Ланкинен (Laura Lankinen), менеджер по маркетингу компании Timberwise.

Формальдегид — это одно из химических веществ, ухудшающих качество воздуха в помещении, которое даже в незначительных количествах может вызывать раздражение слизистой оболочки глаз и верхних дыхательных путей. В ходе исследований была установлена связь формальдегида с возникновением аллергических и астматических реакций. Основным источником формальдегида является ДСП, но паркет и ламинат также могут выделять формальдегид, если он содержится в клее, используемом для их производства.

«Поэтому мы используем натуральные вещества для обработки поверхности, насколько это возможно. Например, масловоски Osmo Color изготовлены на основе растительного масла, а лаки, которые мы используем, высыхают под действием УФ-излучения, не выделяя вредные вещества в воздух. Все наше сырье самого высокого качества и закупается в ближайших к нам регионах», — продолжает Ланкинен.

Паркет Timberwise, отмеченный финским знаком качества «Ключ-флаг», производится в городе Лоймаа; как минимум две трети сырья, используемого для изготовления продукции Timberwise, имеют финское происхождение. Timberwise использует только европейскую древесину из лесов, сертифицированных по Программе унификации систем сертификации лесных хозяйств (PEFC).

В приложении к данному пресс-релизу вы найдете фотографии новинок от Timberwise — это дубовый паркет Oak Beach House White и Oak Industrial Ferro, выпуск которого начнется в начале 2015 года.

Дубовый паркет Oak Beach House White, брашированный, покрытый матовым лаком,Размеры: 15 x 185 x 2180 мм, новинка будет выпущена в начале 2015 года

Дубовый паркет Oak Industrial Ferro, брашированный, покрытый матовым лаком, Размеры: 15 x 185 x 2180 мм, новинка будет выпущена в начале 2015 года

Компания «TIMBERWISE» приняла самое активное участие в выставке “BUILDEX 2013” в г. Москва в “Крокус-Экспо” с 2 по 5 апреля 2013 года.

Всем гостям и участникам выставки были представлены новые дизайны паркетной доски “TIMBERWISE”, новая конструкция паркетной доски с использованием специальной фанеры и усовершенствованная система замкового соединения WISELOCK.

Гости стенда Компании “TIMBERWISE” смогли лично убедиться в безупречно высоком качестве паркетной доски «TIMBERWISE», наблюдая за проведением испытаний в соответствии с тестом JAS. Под удивленные и восторженные взгляды гостей, образцы продукции «TIMBERWISE» достойно выдержали кипячение в воде с условием полного погружения образцов и добавления в воду соли и прочих агрессивных веществ. Такой отличный результат смог показать только образец паркетной доски “TIMBERWISE”, оставивший в этом тесте далеко позади все остальные образцы от других производителей.

Это еще раз доказывает самое высокое и бескомпромиссное качество паркетной доски «TIMBERWISE»! Выбирайте Лучшее!

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